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We invite speakers

Dear colleagues, international conference “Project Management 2018” preparation is on fast-forward. We are looking for interesting, prominent and infusive experts, who are ready to share their knowledge and practical experience with colleagues.

If you are established professional and ready to tell about your own approaches and results in the field of your specialization, disclose a secret of your experience — we are glad to see you among of our speakers!

High quality of the content is traditional for our events, distinguishing their applicability and uniqueness. It is also significant to reflect that in your presentation which has 20–25 munities duration.  

For our part, we will lend any support during the process of your performance preparation, up to the opportunity of individual presentation coaching.

If you are ready to take part as a speaker of our international conference “Project management 2018”, please, refer the information about our speaker interaction procedure.

  1. Look the conference agenda through and chose the session where you are ready to perform 
  2. Complete our form, where the key information about your performance must be noticed:
    • Suggest your topic regarding to the chosen session 
    • Cover your topic by setting the key bullet points and the vision of your presentation structure. Prove practicability and signification of each bullet point for targeted audience.
    • Tell about yourself and your professional achievements. Leave your detailed contacts.
  3. Once we get your suggestion, it will be sent on approval to the Advisory Board of the conference. Once our decision is made (approximately 2 weeks after your submission), we will inform you about the results.

We are waiting for your suggestions!

Send your photo and ask questions to the conference producer:

Ekaterina Mitina
Tel.: +7 495 995-80-04, ex. 1147
Cell: +7 925 185-11-40



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