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Archive 2017: Post-release

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The largest Russian event for PMs!

Just facts:

300+ participants
NEW! THREE days with the maximum immersion in practice!
PRE-DAY: Workshops from TOP PM experts
90% new speakers
PUBLIC TALKS. Special guests
Guarantee of quality! No advert! Careful selection of reports with the help of an advisory board
Opportunity to get the project development unit 
Entertainment program and networking. WE HAVE OUR OWN ATMOSPHERE!


  • The most known and interesting projects of 2017
  • Experience of practitioners from the such sectors as: fuel and energy complex, mining and refining, banks and finance, retail and FMCG, IT and telecommunications, real estate and construction, metallurgy and machine building, heavy industry and production
  • PUBLIC TALKS. REAL-LIFE PM:  When the theory difference with practice
  • Special session:  Foresight Project Management
  • Mortal combat of automation: «Agile» feat. «Waterfall»
  • WORKSHOP: No Dust ProPM
  • CASE STUDY LABORATORY: 360 Degree Project Practices
  • PRACTICAL PANEL: Project Implementation and Agile Mastering

Conference structure 2017:

PRE-DAY: Star workshops
December 5: intensive
December 6: experimentarium

We recommend to addend if:

  • You are aimed to successfully implement a significant project for the company
  • It is important to properly use project management standards
  • Project implementation tools are needed
  • You feel the need to introduce a project culture in the company
  • You justify the top managers with the results that the project office should bring to the business
  • You decided to create a team of your dream projects
  • Evaluate the KPI of the project activity, the project office and your own KPIs
  • Plan to shorten the project deadlines
  • Minimize deviations from the budget
  • Want to avoid costly mistakes
  • We decided to clean up the portfolio of projects
  • You understand that something went wrong and you need urgent steps to remedy the situation
  • And you just hurry to move forward, ahead of competitors


NEW!!! ICPM 2017 PRE-DAY, 4 December

Registration for ICPM 2017 PRE-DAY, December 4, is registered separately
from the main conference program on December 5–6.

Workshops from TOP PM experts

Personal development stream

Organizational stream

10.00–13.30 Who and why prevents change


Yuri Proskurnya, change management consultant, former head of the change management function of Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation


10.00–13.30 Walk the Talk. Practical Guidance in Management of Stakeholder Relations


Vladislav Utenin,
Business coach, General Director of the company “Effective Management Techniques”

14.30–18.00 Hard&Soft Coordination. Use of Project Tools Practical Session

In Russian practice the use of project tools has to be fought for, pushed through all the time. Their use meets “viscous resistance”, opposition: latent and passive and openly aggressive at times. Well-known tools described in detail in books and tried out at training sessions do not work due to the human factor. During the workshop we will review specific techniques to deal with objections, criticism and conflicts in coordination with the use of project tools. We will learn how to save the nerves and health of the project manager and of those he manages.


Pavel Alferov, an independent expert in project management, knowledge management and digitalization

Daria Maslennikova, a methods specialist in the sphere of academic programs and developmental environments. Founder of [] and MODUS PROBUS, a school of developmental interventions

14.30–18.00 Leadership or How to Spark Hearts?

Workshop goal: open the door to start your lifelong journey maturing yourself into a humble leader (or: Grow up!)

There is theory and exercises

1. what is leadership, in general and for project managers
2. emotional intelligence (self awareness, emotional control, empathy, influencing)
3. role of values and ethics (integrity, probity and other characteristics of a leader, ethical decision making framework)
4. next steps


Thomas Walenta, PgMP, PMP, PMI Fellow

"The impact of change management on the success of the project"

Workshop scheme:

  • What is change management and how does it relate to project management?
  • ROI of change management?
  • Who is responsible for change management?
  • What errors should be avoided in change management?

Workshop moderator:

Marina Pochinok, leading expert on human resource management and change management, expert on HR of the International Olympic Committee, coach of leaders and teams, business coach, assistant professor of psychoanalysis and business consulting at the Higher School of Economics


Foresight session
“How do we build a vision of the future? Let us make up a forecast together!”

Special foresight method of building a vision of the future. According to the results obtained with the help of such project tool special road maps are developed which let us solve the issues of building the future.


Timothy Nestik,
Facilitator, Consultant for Organizational Development, Member of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF)






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