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Leonid Osipov,
deputy head of the Expert Department of the President of the Russian Federation, co-chairman of the Council on the implementation of project management in the federal bodies of executive power and bodies of state power of subjects of the Russian Federation



Pavel Alferov
director of PM Centre, National technological initiative (NTI) Project Office

The sphere of responsibility: the implementation of project management to the companies and creation of effective information infrastructure.

Last experience:

— A director of division of knowledge, information and methodology in ANO “Steering committee “Sochi2014””.

— Implementation of project-oriented organization (POO), implementation of information systems of planning and reporting (PLOT) and electronic document flow system.

— The Implementing of programs “Practice” and “Reviewer” in Vancouver and London.

— Coordination of exchange program of Olympic Games knowledge (OGKM Olympic Games knowledge management).

— TNK-BP. Chief of implementation of project management in BE “Pererabotka”. Implementation of project management and readjustment of services of capital constructions in company’s refineries.

— TNK-BP. Director of IT-projects of Refinery and Trade Block. Organization of realizing of the whole IT-project’s case in Refinery and Trade Block.

— Consortium “Alfa-Group”. IT Deputy Director. Activity analysis and monitoring of IT sub-holdings. Fusion of “Perekrestok” and “Pyaterochka”.

— TNK/TNK-BP. Director of expertise and control center of IT projects: methodology, courses and projects’ audits.

Other Information

  • Forum’s councilor on the IT Service Management (
  • Workgroup member in development of standards GOST 54869-2011 “Project Management. Requirements for project management”, GOST 54870-2011 “Project Management. Requirements for projects management portfolio”.
  • Workgroup member of scientific research project at the request of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation “Economical effectiveness of information technologies and systems at the Russian Enterprises”. (IT-Value.RU).
  • Lecturer of Academy of National Economy under the Government of Russian Federation.
  • Author of magazine articles in «Information management», «Intelligent enterprise», «IT Director», «Project Management».



Tatyana Belova
director of project decision department, Bank of Russia

Work experience:

  • System manager
  • Flash-programmer
  • System and business analyst
  • Project manager

She had been working with different companies: defense industry, government entity, banks, manufacturing facilities, American education system and etc.



Alina Grossman,
head of project office, Sberbank

She works in project management since 2001. Three project offices have been successfully created and still operating in Russia (Vladivostok-Moscow).

In 2009 she obtained certificate of Global Level 2, Global Alliance of Project Performance Standard.

The most significant completed project is the restoration of the Arch of Tzarevitch Nickolay in Vladivostok.

Project office in Nordea Bank was established in 2007 and it continues to develop as one of the departments of the Management Board Apparatus, which is headed by Alina Grossman since 2010.



Igor Kiselev
independent expert


In 1986 he graduated from the Faculty of Applied Mathematics of the Kuban State University.

In 2001he graduated from MIRBIS with а degree in”Corporate Finance and Credit” and “MBA-Finance”.

In 2003 he obtained an MBA in Finance London Metropolitan University.

Work Experience:

From 1992 to 1996 he worked in various positions in commercial banks of Krasnodar.

From 1996 to 2000, He was an IT manager in the companies ‘Akerlund & Rausing Kuban’ and ‘Tetra Pak Kuban.’

From 2000 to 2003 he headed the service of IT in ‘Khanty-Mansiysk Neftegazgeologiya.’

He worked as IT Director of JSC "Istok" and JSC "Severstal-auto" (now it is holding company "Sollers-auto").

From 2007 to 2009, he worked in the insurance company CIO NASTA (from December 2007 "Zurich. Retail Insurance").

Currently he is a Director of the modernization program of Technologies Group of "Sportmaster".

Prize winner of IT-Leader 2006.



Aleksey Khripushin,
Head of project management planning and control, “Intrek” Company

He was born in 1973. He graduated from Norilsk Industrial Institute. Post-graduate student of the Moscow State Construction University. Certified PMP (PMI) & RPMP (IPMA).

Until 2004, he held executive positions at the Polar Division of "Norilsk Nickel".

In 2005, he worked in the management company of "Domodedovo" airport.

2006–2007 he led consulting projects for the reorganization of enterprises and the creation of project management systems.

He worked in the Directorate of Strategic Development of "United Metallurgical Company".
In 2010–2012 he was Deputy General Director of CJSC "Management Systems".

Currently he directs the management planning and control of the company's projects in "INTREK".



Alexander Kutuzov
PME, CEO, PM Expert



Andrey Malakhov
expert in the field of Project oficces development and project management, partner, PMlogic

He is certified Professional (PMP) with 11 years of experience in project management and construction of project management in companies as head of the project office.

He managed portfolios of about 70 projects, 50+ million EUR.

Industries: Management / IT consulting, Consumer Goods, Machinery, Packaging, Telecommunications, Oil & Gas, Banking and Finance.

He has a deep working knowledge of the implementation of ERP-systems and production management and inventory (CPIM (APICS)).


He graduated from the Higher School of Economics in Moscow in 2002.

Work experience:

2013 — Currently working in Unicredit Bank, Head of Portfolio Management and Project Management of the Central Project Office.

2011–2013, Renaissance Credit, Head of the bank's reorganization plan of project management and project portfolio management bank (about 25 projects in the portfolio).

2010–2011, KPMG, Department of Management Consulting / Business Group Statement of efficiency of project management, project office management.

2007–2010, Frontstep ,CIS. Project Manager as a manager of design practice.

2005–2006, EPO "Signal" (Engels), Ch. Division Manager "The heating gas equipment".

2002–2005, Ltd. "Samsung Electronics Rus" Audio-Video Division / Project Manager Running and managing projects for joint production of TV technology (3 projects, manufactured in up to 500k pieces per year).



Alexander Mikhailov
deputy director of project office SIBINTEK

An expert in the management of programs and portfolios (PRIME).

An expert in the field of project management (PME).

Work Experience:

He has many years of experience in international project management, IT infrastructure projects, and projects on the development of software for automating business processes.

Since 2010 he has been working in the oil and gas sector (Rosneft), has moved from the structures of TNK-BP. He supervised project departments, managed key projects, including the integration and automation of foreign assets.

Previously he managed the projects in international holding CBS Interactive.


He is a graduate of the Department of Cybernetics of Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (1999).

He has also PhD in Technical Science in the field of Applied Mathematics and Information Security (2005).



Olga Nozhnina
professional business coach

She worked as a Head of Department of Support for Changes of Management Board Apparatus, Nordea Bank.

She directed the Department of Support for Changes of Management Board Apparatus. The main issues of work:

  • programs/project management
  • Lean Technology
  • Crowd sourcing
  • Bank of Ideas.

Master Lean expert in projects for continuous improvement of the Bank.

A graduate of the School of Public Administration of Moscow State University and MBA Open University UK.



Alexander Pavlov,
PhD, PMP, CPM, Prime, founder and director, Project Management School

PMP since 2000. PMI member since 2001. PhD in technical Science. He held key positions in IBM East Europe/Asia, Transtelecom, AtomInform, PM Expert. He is an author and coach of the course PMI PMBOK, introduced in IBM Training Center in Moscow in 1998. Business coach and author of PM Expert’s Workshops in projects management, programs and portfolios projects, international master programs «Process Approach in Management and Project Management» and «Business Communication for Project Management» (RANEPA), and learning program MBA in project management of High Business School (The State University of Management). A Chairman of State Examination Board in Financial University for the Government of the Russian Federation on the profile of "Project Management». Co-author of the national standards of the Russian Federation in the field of project, program and portfolio management.



Dmitry Serebryakov
Head of strategic projects, B2B marketing, "MTS"



Oleg Tumasov
Editor in chief, "Project management" magazine

He has experience in project management in the telecom industry, the banking sector, in the development and implementation of software, IT-consulting, including projects with a budget of more than $ 20 million, geographically distributed projects. During more than ten years of career in project management has worked on the side of the customer and on the side of the general contractor and the final maker.

In the last few years he is a permanent moderator of the professional conferences on project management. Professional competence of a project manager confirmed by certificate PMP PMI, since 2003. He is a board member of the Moscow PMI Chapter in 2004.

Since 2004 is the senior editor of the Russian professional magazine "Project Management". At the same time Oleg is a practicing project manager.



Andrey Vachegin,
director of project activity methodology center, Engineering, T-Plus

1984, He graduated with honors from Perm Polytechnic Institute, Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

1984–1986, Research and teaching work.

1987–1990, Software development.

1990–2003, Work in the banking system.

2004 – Currently. Project management.

Current position: Head of the Department of project administration of capacities development in CJSC "CES" (Complex Energy Systems).



Denis Volkov,
President of professionals community, Success Insights® CIS

2010–2011, Discipline head of the implementation of e-learning support system and of working with key clients, Innovation project management, Eurasian Open Institute.

2009–2010, Deputy Director General, E-learning Centre (LLC E-learning development centre).

2003–2008, Consulting Operations Manager, Consulting Department in Oracle CIS. Simultaneously he presided as Knowledge Management Lead and Continuous Learning Lead in Oracle CIS.

2001–2003, Discipline head of “Global projects” of Siemens Building Technologies, Russia.

1995–2001, He worked in Moscow branch of Siemens AG, in “Telecom Network and Information Transfer” Department, where he had risen through the ranks from a Commissioner for Sale of Maintenance Services to a Key Account Manager of Direct Sales Branch of corporate telecommunication systems.

President of MBA Alumni (since 2008).









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